Take Advantage of Internships

All throughout college, professors and advisers stress the importance of having at least one internship experience during your four years of undergrad. Even with all the encouragement, we as students tend to avoid responsibilities of growing up and becoming an adult. Growing up can be internscary because of all the responsibilities that come with getting older. Regardless, becoming an adult is inevitable and internships are everywhere.

I read a blog by Sarah Landrum, which talked about some tips for getting the most value out of your internship(s). Throughout the blog post, Landrum provides helpful tips based on either her past experiences or experiences she has heard or witnessed. The 7 tips she provides are: to take the internship seriously, keep some type of record of everything you do, accept all opportunities offered, ask questions, ask for feedback, stay connected to build your network, and ask for a reference and/or letter of recommendation.Image result for internships

All of these tips are key for a successful internship. I really liked this blog post. I can relate to it because I have had some experience with an opportunity similar to an internship, but it is considered the stepping stone for an internship; it is called practicum. The only difference between the two is that an internship is much longer than a practicum experience. The best way, in my opinion, to learn is to gain hands on experience through internships.

The only thing I did not really like about this blog was that it did not provide ways to find out about internships. Understandably, providing that additional information is not necessary for this blog, but I do believe it would be more beneficial for the readers who are still learning about internships to know where they can find postings for internship opportunities. For instance, websites such as:



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  1. Ha! Excellent Post Kayla! I loved your “got internship” graphic as well as your take on Sarah’s posting. It is a really good topic, especially where we are right now as College Seniors. Now that i think about it, all your graphics were spot on, even better was when you listed the websites with internship listings/info.


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